On Again – Off Again

On Again – Off Again

It is Monday and I have to decide what is my week going to be like?

Am I going to tackle my to-do-list first? Or am I going to take care of myself first?

I ask myself often, why do I have a tendency to have an on again and off again relationship with myself and my self-care? Aren’t I just as important as everything else?

My to-do-list is easy to get through, especially when it comes to my family, my business, and my clients…anything that is for someone else – but me. When I decided to leave my career after 28 years and start my own business – it was going to be different. (this is what I told myself)

Over the years, I made promises, that when I had more time I would, take better care of myself, plant a garden, go to church and worship more often, etc. Now going on almost two years later, my old habits are still in place. I have more control of my time. Do I make more time for myself? Do I worship more? Do I go to church more often? No not really, not to the extent of being consistent. It is on again – off again.

So do you know what the truth is?

It was not about having more time that would give me these wonderful pieces of my life that would bring me peace, it is establishing new habits that will do that. Being real with myself and honest. Knowing the difference between saying something and truly wanting it. Knowing what holds me back from connecting.

The saying is easy. The action is hard. Consistency is necessary.

I found that I didn’t really want a garden, what I loved was the thought of fresh veggies. Guess what? I can get fresh veggies from people that love to garden, support their passion. While filling my truth and finding peace to let it go.

I found that being healthy, stronger, and lighter is important – but it takes a commitment to do this. And for some reason, I don’t pay enough attention. Don’t get me wrong, I have commitment to things. Like my Nugget of the Day, written daily since 2015.


But, I need to give my body the same attention. How do I break the cycle of on again – off again behavior? I heard naming this activity will be beneficial. (this technique is something that Mel Robbins talks about in her coaching) I don’t have to like it every day, it’s okay, that is part of giving yourself permission to own it. Breaking the cycle. One second at a time. First things first.

My name I will use is Mary. Mary is strong and powerful and an absolute miracle. Using the phrase, “Mary did you know”, will help trigger power to push me forward and that I am worth it! I want to be like Mary.

This is freeing to share it out loud.

Do you have areas in your life that you keep beating yourself up about? Areas that you never talk about out loud? Do you truly want them or do you just need a push to see that it will be good for you?

What is going to be your trigger word or statement that will help you push through?

Reach out, I would love to hear all about it. Helping executive and professional women and female entrepreneurs with defining their on again – off again trigger statement to push through to the next level is my passion. I found it is harder to make changes to long habits on your own – having a coach, strategic planner, thinking partner makes that habit breaking easier.

Pam Drzewiecki, Founder of Powerful Purpose

Business & Life Coaching Practice – where being a Strategic Planner, Thinking Partner and Accountability Coach helps make a difference in others’ lives, businesses and careers.

That is my super power!

What is yours?


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