Game Changer

What is your Game Changer?

Freedom of your time?

Freedom of your finances?

Freedom of your health?

Freedom of your spiritual connection?

Knowing your game changer.

Knowing your purpose.

Knowing how you are showing up.

These are critical thoughts and processes, that allow you to reach the next amazing phase of your life, your business or your career.

My game changer happened to me a few times in my life.

When I had my daughter, when I met my new husband, when I had a blended family, when I left my insurance career, when I started my own business, when I decided to be spiritually connected to God, when I decided it is important for me to be productively uncomfortable to push the boundaries. There are so many!

Allow yourself to have a purpose switch. If something doesn’t feel right, let it go.

Just because it is – doesn’t mean it has to be.

Take this time and write down what your game changers would be.

Then establish the action plan to make them happen.

When I work with my clients the first thing we do is define their purpose for what they are doing now and what does it create in the future?

Be a super hero game changer for the life you desire and deserve!

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