When life is not exactly what you wanted…

Look for a community to support you!

Do you find yourself…

  • On fire one day and just off the next, unable to focus?
  • Struggling to find time for yourself?
  • Thinking you should be able to get to it all?
  • Feeling like you’re close to creating something big but get stalled?
  • Wanting to learn that “no” is a complete sentence?

Then you are in the right place!

We have a place for you to come to when you need a community, validation, knowledge, and support. You can thrive, grow, learn and share in an environment designed especially for you. Take a moment, close your eyes, imagine a morning where you wake up and feel you are truly ready for the day ahead; you feel great inside and out living as a Powerful Women with Purpose!

We help you recognize and live your dreams.

Wherever you are on your journey, this community has something for you!

We help all women to identify their best life and then live it. To release them from the overwhelm of everyone else’s needs at work and home and give them a safe space to share their thoughts, struggles, and dreams with no judgment. This community will provide the resources and tools that create an intention to practice gratitude and awareness necessary to thrive and so much more!

The Powerful Purpose Community helps busy women.

If you feel like you are:

  • Not enough
  • Struggling to find time for yourself
  • Feeling powerless to actually have a great life

We support you, the successful woman, that gets it all done but is tired at the end of the day.

You may be silently suffering and even be resentful. The stress of the pandemic fatigue is draining, but when you look back it was not exactly dreamlike before the pandemic either. We provide a safe space for inner growth, accountability, and resources and tools to help you understand and use to develop your best life. Truly creating your best life.

Ready to get started? Then join the Powerful Purpose Community Now for $49 per month.

In the Powerful Purpose Community, our foundational values are:


Showing up exactly where you are will be the freedom that will help you gain the power you need to ultimately live your best life.


You will be supported to be exactly as you are. Giving yourself permission to feel and act like a powerful, beautiful woman.


Women will surround you to help you recognize what you need more to create and live your superpower.

When you join the Powerful Purpose Community you will receive:

  • One on One Strategy Session with Pam to get your journey started
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Daily inspirations in a private Facebook group
  • Learning tools and resources to keep you on track
  • Community of like-minded women for accountability and support

We believe that every woman can be beautiful and brave by being their authentic self and surrounding themselves with other beautiful and brave women.

Are you ready to be a Powerful Women with Purpose?

“I highly recommend Take Back My Life (Powerful Purpose Community). Pam is an amazing life and accountability coach who draws from an abundance of personal and professional life experiences. She is kind, empathetic, and an absolute authority on goal setting and planning. During my sessions with Pam, she helped me work on everything from personal planning, prioritizing self-care, as well as personal finance. At a time in my life when I was unsure of my path, Pam helped me to identify my goals, strengths, and next doable steps toward achieving those goals. She even connected me with some of her contacts to help me explore future career ideas. As a member of the Take Back My Life community, I have met some really great people, enjoyed the support of private coaching sessions, group sessions, the TBML Facebook group, and personal check-ins from Pam. It has been a wonderful experience for me. Pam has a very versatile tool box that can help anyone get organized, gain clarity, and move forward.”

– Carrie Patterson

Hi, I’m Pam.

My life, like most, has been filled with circumstances that have led me to my purpose. Not always easy, but necessary.

I am a productivity and leadership coach who helps busy women take back their lives and create businesses and careers they love.

They work with me because life has gotten hectic, taking care of everything and everyone except for themselves.

I have created a space for women to have it all. They release the load they are carrying and find a place in their lives that gives them permission to set boundaries and thrive!

Will, you became a Powerful Women with Purpose?

Let’s make it dynamite together!

Pam xx

Join the Powerful Purpose Community and become a Powerful Women with Purpose!

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