Giving back

My mission statement is to connect, work with and serve 2500 women by 2020.

“Fill the Purse with Purpose”

[Note: video is from the annual meeting of the Connecticut Trail Lawyers Association.]

Annual gently used purse drive. Requesting donations and having the donor fill the purse with items that you would find in a lady’s purse.

They have been filled with everything from gift cards, bibles, winter gear, perfume, toiletries, make up and much more.

With the help of local girl scout troops, and other women we have been able to help nearly 100 women each year spanning over 5 local charities. Prudent Clarence, Carolyn’s Place, St. Vincent De Paul, Kelly’s Kids, Susan B. Anthony Project and Wellmore, with more to come.

Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce

Ambassador of the New Member Committee

Committee Member of the Morning Jolt

St. Matthew School

Parent Liaison for the Home & School Association.

Development Member of LISA Inc.

The mission of LISA, Inc. is to provide safe, supportive, and empowering programs for youth that build skills, awaken hope for the future, and help young people transition successfully into adulthood. LISA operates three state-funded programs and facilitates several smaller projects. All their programs serve adolescents who have been placed within their care due to abuse, neglect, special medical or emotional needs, abandonment and/or involvement in the juvenile justice system and/or foster care system.

I invite you to visit their website at and learn more about ways you can connect with LISA, Inc. to make a positive difference in the lives of the state’s most vulnerable youth.

"Give your hearts to serve and your hands to love." - Mother Theresa

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