Roadmap Strategy Session


Are any or all of these true for you?

  • Do you wake up in the morning and feel that there is something missing?
  • Do you find yourself dreaming of different things that you want to happen but everyday life gets in the way?
  • Are you finding yourself feeling lost because of the fatigue of the daily changes we are all experiencing?
  • Have you always had an idea for a business but just can’t seem to get started?
  • Do you say to yourself today is going to be different, I am going to tackle…?


Believe me, you are not alone. And you’re in the right place.

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Here’s what Heather has to say about her session: “I had this idea for a business for 3 years and it just didn’t seem viable until I spent time with Pam. During our 2-hour strategy session, it all started to come clear. I have a plan to move forward. Thank you, Pam, you are making my dreams come true.”

I invite you to close your eyes and imagine having a plan to live life the way you desire. To be able to wake up in the morning and get off the hamster wheel of uncertainty. To establish how to put boundaries in place, how to understand what you need, and how to communicate it with others.

Stay with me for a moment.

Take a deep breath. Breath in everything you want.

Blow your breath out. Push out all the negative thoughts that are holding you back.

Take another deep breath. Imagine yourself settling into a feeling of contentment and peace.

It looks and feels amazing. Am I right?

But the minute you lose focus self-doubt sets in and you think you can’t do it alone. Your habits and routines seem stronger than what you truly want.

No worries!

The help you are looking for is here.

We spend two hours together, creating your roadmap and strategizing what that looks like. You then have the plan to achieve anything you put your mind to.

Here’s what Lori says about her quarterly sessions with Pam: “I meet with Pam on a quarterly basis for my Roadmap Strategy Session, it truly has aligned my big dreams with reality and I walk-a-way with action items to move forward to making it happen. Her coaching style gets the job done.”

You are a rock star and you deserve to live like one!

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Number of Sessions

Once – $497, 4 Times Quarterly – $1800


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