Enough is enough, because you deserve the BEST!

Do you want to take back your life?

* When did my life become out of control?
* When did I start doing everything for everyone?
* When did I lose sight of my finances?
* When did I stop asking for help?
*Why am I saying yes to things I should say NO to?
Take Back MY Life will help you regain the power necessary to:
  • Release the overwhelm.
  • Create a system to organize your tasks and projects.
  • To learn how to say NO when it fits your needs.
  • Design your roadmap to sanity.
  • Learning the importance of surrounding yourself with your Dream Team.
  • Your foundation is supposedly be comprised with several layers.
    And much more! 

Powerful Purpose Planner

Tools and resources to help you stay present, organized and powerful.

Private Facebook Community

An inclusive, private Facebook community, with weekly content and monthly group coaching Zoom meeting to keep you accountable to your desires to make them reality.

Monthly Laser Coaching Videos

Monthly Laser Coaching videos sent to your email to enhance and compliment the experience of the Take Back MY Life system.

I am so excited for you!

When I took control of my life, my time and stopped allowing the circumstances to guide my purpose, is when life truly started to be amazing.

I designed Take Back MY Life with all those busy women in mind. I too lived on a hamster wheel, couldn’t say no, let everyone else tell me where I needed to be and what I needed. Let my day to be controlled with my tasks, and projects.

If I had a lifeline like this at the time, WOW!

But I want you to remember to truly own where you are right now, but be open to create more.

Take Back MY Life gives you the permission to do just that!

When you just want more!

You are not just getting a planner and a video coaching, you are getting the system that will allow you to focus on getting your life back, while not feeling alone.

The 12 Months of the Take Back My Life System

Twelve Months of Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness to take back your life with the Take Back MY Life system.

Month 1: Vision

Having a vision is the first part of Dream, Believe and Achieving. Be ready to make your magic happen. Aren’t you worth it?

Month 2: Decluttering

Decluttering your mind and space is essential in moving forward with your vision and powerful purpose. Do you know where to start? My system will help you in your organizing process.

Month 3: Budgeting

Having a budget in place doesn’t limit you from moving forward it provides the financial intelligence for your financial freedom. Do you live within your means? Find out with the financial dashboard.

Month 4: Powerful Purpose

Discovering your purpose creates a roadmap to unlimited potential. Doesn’t that sound amazing? The system gives you the tools and resources to discover and create the roadmap.

Month 5: Digging Deep

Connecting with what keeps you grounded when your day unfolds. It anchors your path. What anchors you know? Find out by using the brain dumping or gratitude journal sections.

Month 6: Dream Team

It is just as important to surround yourself with people that will help you, elevate you, and encourage you. Learn how and why it is an integral part in your foundation, by utilizing the networking tracker.

Month 7: Self Care

It is incredibly important to take the time to implement the things you need to take care of yourself? Do you put the oxygen mask on yourself first? Map out the things that make you feel amazing. Schedule them in your monthly calendar ahead of time.

Month 8: Be Present

Being present can be one of the most difficult tasks we face these days. Develop the technique to bring you in a present state. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Use the weekly calendar layout for time blocking.

Month 9: Harmony

Harmony is a great place to be. It is necessary to have a balanced life. This is not easy at first, but once you determine what it means to you, you won’t want to go back. Are you ready to walk the balance beam and find your harmony? Pick your Power Word weekly to ground you in the place you want to be.

Month 10: New Connections

The power in connections is tremendous. This month you will be aligned to not hesitating and just creating the new connections that are vital to your growth in your business, life or career. Let’s make new friends! A 30 second commercial can help in any type of introduction. The template will help you design your own

Month 11: Power Up

Keeping your momentum alive is staying in the moment of feeling amazing. Little changes equal big results. That is what you are creating throughout this journey. Excitement of momentum is upon you. When you get to the end of each month, fill out the self-assessment form and see how you have powered up throughout the month.

Month 12: Spiritual Growth

When you have a spiritual growth path it gives you the ability to enhance your journey. Are you ready to increase your spiritual growth? Read the monthly scripture to connect the theme of the month with your spiritual growth.

What People Are Saying

Claudia C.

"I am so glad that I started when I did. Life truly is different. I am in control of my life; it holds me accountable to focus on the first thing first. Brought me balance and has tremendous value to changing my life."


"Thank you Pam for a great webinar. Next time I'll do my hair. Lol. I took a lot of notes to follow. You are a great inspiration and coach. Looking forward to the next webinar."

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