Manage Your Time with the
Take Back My Life System

You’re a business professional or entrepreneur with many roles and responsibilities

  • Do you plan your day and then something happens that blows it up?
  • Do you have too many roles / titles / positions / responsibilities… wife, mother, daughter, sister, employee or business owner, volunteer?
  • Do you feel like someone else controls your time?

Imagine for a moment…having the time and space to…

  • Care for yourself
  • Go to the gym
  • Think and reflect
  • End your day and week feeling satisfied, sane, and happy.

You’re tired of planning your day and something happens to blow it up. You can’t seem to get it back on track.

The 12 Week Take Back my Life System moves you from overwhelmed to feeling in control of your time, day, week, month, and year.

“Working with Pam and Powerful Purpose has helped me take control of my life. Between being a mom, a full time 50+ hr career woman, and heavily engaged in volunteer work, I began to feel undone. Pam’s coaching, tools, and support helped me to see that I COULD regain control of my life. On days I start to feel like it’s too much, I think back to the tools Pam has given me and begin to right myself again. And she does it in a positive and real way - a way that makes you feel empowered instead of ashamed. Her sessions, planner, weekly power word, and other tools, have helped me budget both my time and money better, and have helped me reconnect with what’s most important to me - my family, my faith and my health. Thank you Powerful Purpose Pam!”

The Take Back My Life System includes:

Powerful Purpose Planner

Shipped to you. The planner has tools and resources to help you stay present, organized and powerful.

Weekly Laser Coaching Videos

Weekly Laser Coaching videos sent to your email to enhance and compliment the experience of the Take Back MY Life system.

Live Monthly Coaching Calls

Two group coaching calls every month. Live and interactive. Get your questions answered in real time so you stay on track.

Helpful Tools

To set and reach your goals

To prioritize and reduce the number of to-do tasks

Private Facebook Community

An inclusive, private Facebook community of Engagers, with weekly bonus content to keep you accountable.


A community of fellow Engagers for support you on the journey

 Imagine being able to take back control… take back your life

I can help you do that.

Because I “Get It.”

I know what it is to have all of those multiple competing roles, to feel like you’re taking care of everyone else’s needs and never your own; to feel like your life is one unending treadmill. I know what it’s like to wake up every day exhausted and depleted….

And I know that there’s a better way…

For me it was when I started carving out space on my calendar to plan the week ahead. I was able to take a deep breath and relax when I knew how my week was laid out.

When I make conscious space on my calendar to plan out my week ahead, it helps me take better control of my time, my tasks, and the results I’m looking to achieve.

Now, I LOVE my life and what I AM choosing to do with it.

The magic happens when you’re organized with your to do’s. It allows you to help others and also put the priority on yourself. Unselfish time! Oxygen mask, baby!

Focusing on what you’re doing right now is a challenge while living in a multi-tasking world. You want to see progress towards your goals and dreams.

With the Take Back My Life system I created, you will see the steps you’re taking to complete a project, reach a goal and fulfill that dream!

The Take Back My Life System

Twelve Weeks of Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness

Week 1: Vision

Create a vision of your dreams. When you can see it, you believe and can achieve it.

Week 2: Decluttering

Decluttering your mind and space to move forward with your vision and powerful purpose.

Week 3: Budgeting

Having a budget frees up your mind from worry about money. You can create a plan of action for your finances.

Week 4: Powerful Purpose

Discover your why you achieve a dream or goal so you can apply that to planning and all areas of your life.

Week 5: Digging Deep

Connect with what keeps you grounded so when your day blows up, you don’t get off track.

Week 6: Dream Team

Surround yourself with the people who help, elevate, and encourage you to keep you motivated and on track.

Week 7: Self Care

It is incredibly important to take care of yourself. Learn how to make time for what makes you feel amazing.

Week 8: Be Present

We teach tools and techniques to help you be present in a world of many distractions.

Week 9: Harmony

Harmony is necessary for a balanced life. Learn what Harmony means to you and how to create more of it.

Week 10: New Connections

A template for you to make new connections, take notes, and grow your business, life, or career.

Week 11: Power Up

By now you’re feeling the excitement that comes along with the momentum you’ve achieved. Keep it up by recognizing what powers you.

Week 12: Spiritual Growth

Look back on the little changes you created on this journey to see the big results as you live your BEST life.

What People Are Saying

Denice W.

"Working with Pam and the Take Back my Life system has changed my life. I can see where I'm going and know that I'll actually reach the goals I've set. I don't say I'll get to that later anymore. I actually get to it and get it done. Thanks Pam!"

Pamela Drzewiecki

Claudia C.

"I am so glad that I started when I did. Life truly is different. I am in control of my life; it holds me accountable to focus on the first thing first. Brought me balance and has tremendous value to changing my life."


"Thank you Pam for a great webinar. Next time I'll do my hair. Lol. I took a lot of notes to follow. You are a great inspiration and coach. Looking forward to the next webinar."