When you feed the minds of many you are able to hit a bigger target of impact.

Employee Engagement Workshops for Companies Big and Small

Statics show that 68% of employees are disengaged at work. That means that they are less productive, and the bottom line of the revenue is being short changed. They are less present while at work and are more likely to be out more often than others that are stimulated and excited by what and where they work.

Deciding to adopt an employee engagement program at your company you will see positive results.

See below for the different kinds of workshops that I offer.

Cognitive Recharge Sessions

1 Hour Workshop

Time for the employee to disconnect from work, cell phone for an hour. Stay present where they are and recharge their brain.

Live Your Life with Purpose, Not Driven by Circumstances

90-Minute Workshop

The why for what is happening and what they want to happen and how to get there.

Vision Planning For the Future

2 Hour Workshop

This workshop helps guide them to design a visual roadmap of what they want to accomplish. Having it available for them to view on a daily basis aligns them to the purpose of what they are working towards.

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