Inside the Den: Lessons from the amazing women gather inside the Purpose Den


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Powerful Short Stories of challenges, growth and moving forward.

What would happen if you let go and learned from your lessons?

Inside the Den is full of incredible stories of women that share what it is like to let go, learn, and grow!


Live in your purpose, not your circumstance by owning the season you are in right now and connecting with your core values.

The Purpose Den is a community where like-minded women feel shared without feeling judged or guilty. Bringing these 14 beautiful women together, we hope it will give you a feeling of belonging. Read these chapters and have the space afterward for journaling your thoughts and feelings about what you read. Who knows, you may write your own story.

Enjoy your journey. Own the season you are in. Thrive because you are meant to do so!

Thank you to Lizz Hellinga, Christine Thebarge, June Schilling, Suriani Hostetler, Suzanne Nadell, Kathi Laughman, Kim Fitzgerald, Sheryl Kretzer, Angela Zweifel, Jennifer Janes, Emily Brash, Dawn Muzzulin, Delpha DiGiacomo, and Dami Shepard for being brave enough to share their amazing stories. Raygan Teach for your illustration and Becky Kenyon for sharing your inspiring wisdom.


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