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About Pam

My life, like most, has been filled with circumstances that have led me to my purpose. I am a productivity and leadership coach who helps busy, successful women take back their lives and create businesses and careers they love.

They work with me because life has gotten hectic, taking care of everything and everyone except for themselves. The work I do creates a space in time for professional women and female founders to have it all. A morning and evening ritual, a manageable to-do list, scheduling self-care time uninterrupted, and whatever they had dreamt of before their life became everyone else’s life.

My client becomes a woman of integrity to herself and others, leads with a kind heart, and can create a successful path in her future. She is living an amazing life.


  • Powerful Purpose Community
  • Individual and Business Coaching
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Speaking & Workshops
  • DiSC Assessment


Design your best life by starting with gratitude not attitude. Our Nugget series provides a morning boost to get our day started on the right track. Start your day with a message of guidance to ground you with what you need to establish your roadmap to sanity.


Worry less and live more

Pam is quite a force in my life, and I am not even her client…yet! She inspired me to write and submit a chapter for the Ladies’ Power Lunch Collaboration Anthology, Success in Any Season, and to chill out long enough to make room for my dreams to take flight. Pam served as a mirror, reflecting back to me the frenzy that was my life. So, with her guidance, I was able to surrender my worry to God and just trust that all would work out. She gave me permission to worry less and live more. And, that Powerful Purpose Planner is a productive gem of a tool, too! I am deeply grateful to Pam for her many talents and generosity.

Audra M., College & Career Coach

Accountability and Guidance

I have the pleasure of knowing & working with Pam for many years! Most recently, she has been my business coach, designing a Mastermind Accountability group for myself and a few of my colleagues. We are accountable not only to ourselves to work on our professional goals but also to each other to contribute to the discussion and engage in our assignments. With the assistance of Pam’s guidance and expertise, I have found myself realizing professional goals and successes. I have recognized the importance of vision and planning out the steps necessary to achieve those goals. Pam is the driving force behind the positive growth and changes I have achieved over the last several years.

Kim F., Vice President Montagno Insurance Agency, Inc.

Executive Leadership Coaching

My work with Pam has been nothing short of exceptional! As an Executive Leadership Coach, Pam helps me focus on my leadership growth. She is a guidepost for when I need to bounce ideas off of her as well as getting to the heart of how I show up in the business and in my personal life. Pam has allowed me to see where I am currently at in my journey and where I can grow in my leadership skills. Executive Coaching has not only transformed how I show up in the business but also in life. Being able to understand my boundaries and clearly communicate those to my team as well as a family has been transformative. Without Pam’s coaching, I truly believe I would have continued to feel lost and stuck. With Pam’s coaching, I now know my path.

Jocelyn Fennewald CSO & Co-Founder, Salesforce MVP – Opmentors

Creating experiences

Pam is such a talented, warm, and inviting speaker. She creates a safe space to ask questions and she really gets to the heart of the topic. She has wonderful content and is so eager and joyful as she shares with attendees. I love when Pam speaks to my group. Her topics are always on point and full of useful, helpful tips that can be applied immediately to our daily lives!

Corrin Gibbs Burke CFP®, CMC® Certified Money Coach

Inspired and Empowered

We had the pleasure of working with Pam at Powerful Purpose through our multi-disciplinary networking group. She presented two wonderful programs for us. Her infectious positive attitude and powerful way of breaking down everyday challenges left our group inspired and empowered. We look forward to having her back soon. Thank you, Pam!

Audrey G. & Amy F., Co-Chairs, M-Team of Wallingford/Meriden

Powerful, Meaningful, and Encouraging

Pam made me realize that although I can’t always control situations that come up in my workday, I can control how I react to those situations. She has taught me to take time to process thoughts before reacting and the results are more positive and the feelings are more rewarding. Pam’s words are always powerful, meaningful, and encouraging. Our work together has given me the confidence I need to be a better leader.

Gina P., Production Manager

Clarity and Focus

Powerful Purpose is exactly what Pam delivers with her coaching and mentorship. In working with Pam I have found clarity and focus in both my business and personal life. From sending daily uplifting touchpoints to strategy meetings Pam goes the extra mile in supporting me personally and my business.

Machell E., CEO & Co-Founder – Opmentors

Guide You on Your Journey

Powerful Purpose has helped me build my business, my confidence and provided support over the past 3 years. Her skills in building a business, planning and organizing, plus amazing networking and conference events cannot be topped. If you’re looking for someone to guide you on your journey, Pam is the business/planning coach for you! Reach out to her now and get unstuck.

Marla Genova, Social and Speaking Anxiety Coach

Setting time aside for what is important

As a business owner, I pride myself on being a savvy insurance professional, well-organized, and thorough. With a more-than-full agenda, I often found myself working long hours, struggling to accommodate client requests, with little time left for me. Then I was invited to one of Pam’s seminars and had the opportunity to speak with her about my ongoing plight. For over two years, Pam has opened up a whole new world of prioritizing my schedule so that the most critical items are taken care of first, always stressing the importance of taking some time to care for me. I value Pam’s coaching and her ability to allow us all to see things clearer through another’s perspective. By having a skilled coaching professional on my team who is kind yet firm, my eyes are open to new and exciting ideas. I know that she will hold me accountable to stay on task and continue to push toward my set goals.

Tracey C., Agency Principal

Creating a Vision

I met Pam in December 2019 at a vision workshop for entrepreneurs. I was so impressed with her presentation and her relaxed but informative style! I signed up for some coaching sessions with her to start off my year with a focus in 2020. As we all know 2020 had unexpected surprises in store for all of us. I had to shift my business to 100% online. Pam helped me analyze where I was and where I wanted to be with my sales and team members by the end of the year. I was able to follow her advice, achieve my goals and grow and change my business to exactly what I wanted from it by the end of the year! I am so appreciative of her insight, her creative thinking strategies, and her ability to connect on a personal level as well. I have signed up for more sessions with Pam for this year to continue to expand and grow while feeling more confident about what I need to do.

Carol T., Ruby Ribbon Stylist

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