The power in coaching is having someone to help you, ask you the right questions, hold you accountable and allow you to dream as big as you want to get the results you want! A coach helps you to step out of what feels comfortable to feeling exhilarated by realizing what you can achieve!

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching: Do you find yourself overwhelmed, lost for what’s next, tired, and frustrated because you know that there is more to life than just existing. Utilizing my individual coaching experience, we develop your Road Map to Sanity© and build a spectacular life of fulfillment, excitement, joy, and peace. Awareness is key to your success! If you are ready to ignite your life or career with awareness, purpose, and direction, let’s connect!

Business Coaching

Business Coaching: Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, our time together develops the path for success. In our work together we identify what is needed to build a solid foundation for the growth you desire. Balancing your personal foundation with the business foundation is key. I am not just your coach, but your strategic planner and accountability partner also. If you are ready to increase your revenue, spend time more wisely, and establish a plan of action, let’s connect!

Powerful Purpose Community

Powerful Purpose Community: Where women co-create their future together. A place of belonging. A place to thrive. A place to share. A place to go where you know you are not alone. A place to learn. A place of resources, tips, community, and conversations. No judgment, just acceptance. I invite you to be part of this amazing community and help in the movement of growth for all women because we are clothed in strength and dignity and we laugh without fear of the future. (Proverbs 31:25) You are needed, let’s connect!

Mastermind Group

Mastermind Group: When we gather in small groups, we can achieve our greatness quicker. If you have a group of professional women, female entrepreneurs either in the same industry or looking for similar paths of success, reach out. The Mastermind Groups I have facilitated have moved the needle in the businesses, careers, and lives of many women. The ideal group size is 3 to 5 mastermind women. The value of the Mastermind Group is that you have each other to bounce ideas off of, share tips for growth while being held accountable and coached by a productivity and leadership coach in a group setting. If you are ready to change the trajectory of your life, business or career, let’s create a group of your peers. The power lays in your hands, let’s connect!


Speaking: Have you ever wondered what it is like to have someone come and speak to your group that is insightful, funny, and a great storyteller? My audiences have found that my down-to-earth, easy-going style of delivering powerful information has left people feeling better about themselves and knowing what they want to do moving forward. Whether it is a topic on self-love, time management, or the power behind setting boundaries, it is certain there is at least one nugget they walk away with. This one nugget (or maybe more!) could be the spark needed to create the growth you are looking for. If you want to bring movement to your group, let’s connect!

Workshop Facilitator

Workshop Facilitator: If your group is looking for insight on life and business skills, the Powerful Purpose workshops guide participants through active dialogue to help them reach a particular goal together. I set a clear goal of what the end results will be and present with visual, interactive, and creative style. Are you ready to plan for more than just a presentation but an experience of growth and knowledge, let’s connect!

DiSC Certified Partner

DiSC Certified Partner [Wiley DiSC]: Communication style is found in every part of our human connections. Whether you are a leader, follower, introvert, or extrovert, understanding the way you communicate is important when getting what you need, want, and helping others too. This tool is an important resource for spouses, families, teams, or just for yourself. Discover the Power of WE with Everything DiSC. For companies or individuals who want to understand their communication style. Click here to see how it can make a difference! If you would like to explore your own personal communication findings and to be able to share them with others to create a fulfilling dialogue, let’s connect!

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