Nugget of the Day – self-love

Nugget of the Day: In order to move forward, the first place you need to be honest is with yourself. #nugget Too many times we allow outside influences or our own self-doubt to get in the way of our progress. We can be our biggest asset or biggest liability. What is it going to be?...

Game Changer

What is your Game Changer? Freedom of your time? Freedom of your finances? Freedom of your health? Freedom of your spiritual connection? Knowing your game changer. Knowing your purpose. Knowing how you are showing up. These are critical thoughts and processes, that allow you to reach the next amazing phase of your life, your business or your career. My game changer happened to me a few times in my life. When I had my daughter, when I met my new...

On Again – Off Again

On Again – Off Again It is Monday and I have to decide what is my week going to be like? Am I going to tackle my to-do-list first? Or am I going to take care of myself first? I ask myself often, why do I have a tendency to have an on again and off again relationship with myself and my self-care? Aren’t I just as important as everything else? My to-do-list is easy to get through, especially when...

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