5 Ways to Power through Circumstances


Pam Drzewiecki


Life is comprised of ups and downs. Circumstances and purpose-driven times. Physical and emotional circumstances. 

As a young child, I was told that it is not about what you are going through as much as the outcome of pushing through. This reminder has encouraged me to want to live in my purpose and not in the circumstances. Even when we live in a life of goodness, we can’t escape a challenge.

I am not saying I rushed through all of the circumstances, that would not be true. I lingered in some for a long time – sometimes longer than I should have, but ultimately I got the courage to push through them. Let me let you in on a little secret, I still have different circumstances that linger. We all do and will continue to.

Everyone has their own way of working through them. It is never easy, but with perseverance, determination, clarity, and faith you can be guided through the challenge. 

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill

While working with my clients and navigating my life these 5 ways helped power through circumstances. 

  1. Be Aware: Circumstances come along and we may not know what it truly is because we have been living in it for so long. But take a moment and hesitate to let some clarity in. 
  1. Acceptance: Once we are aware, it is important to try to accept the circumstances and decide what’s next. Understand that nothing is perfect. Acceptance doesn’t mean you are okay with the situation, it just means you are choosing to remove the situation’s power over your life.
  1. Have a Plan: Create a plan to help control what you can and determine what you are going to do with what you can’t control. Make a list or create a pros and cons list of what is happening inside the circumstance.
  1. Ask for Help: Circumstances sometimes breed vulnerability where we don’t want to ask for help. But finding someone that can be your support or cheerleader is key in moving through this period of time. 
  1. Be grounded: Be sure to have a centerline, a north star that you can use as a benchmark. What is your solid “go to” when you feel off centered? 

For me, it is my faith that has always kept me grounded and focused on the ultimate outcome. There have been times when things are not clear of what should happen. The situation was too large, I couldn’t see around it to go through these five steps. It was time when the frustration of being in the circumstance finally showed the insight of what was happening to bring me to work through the process. 

Circumstances can come in any size. The one thing to try to remember is that you are bigger than this one situation. This does not identify who you are even though it may feel like, but this too will pass. 

You are enough! Find your northstar and stay centered on the process.

What circumstances are you struggling with right now?

Pam  Life Coach | Strategic Thinking Partner 

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