How to Awaken Your Energy


Pam Drzewiecki


You wake up in the morning and hit the snooze button, falling back into a light sleep. Nine minutes later, the alarm goes off again, and you feel even more tired. Eventually, you have to get up and start your day—whether it’s going to work, getting the kids ready, making breakfast, working out, praying, or journaling. But why do we think that a “little” bit more sleep will make a difference? Studies show that returning to sleep after your alarm turns you back into a 70-90 minute sleep cycle, making it harder to wake up. I recently heard Mel Robbins suggest counting backwards from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and then getting up to break the pattern. I tried it and shared it with others, and they see it working as well. 

Creating Effective Morning Habits

As a mid-life woman, I’ve spent my whole life tied to the alarm clock—waking up early for school, then for my career, and even when I started my own coaching practice and set my own schedule. Over the years, waking up early has become routine, but functioning effectively in the morning requires a habit I’ve had to consciously create to ensure I stick with what I want my outcomes to be. Despite loving the life my husband and I have built, if I don’t get up right away, my whole day falls out of sync.

The Challenge of Sleeping In

Sleeping in can be hard for some, whether you’re happy with your life or not, especially when you’re burning the candle at both ends. My young and adult life was revolved around the alarm clock and the need to get up to take care of things. I love the life my husband and I have created, but it’s still tough to get moving in the morning sometimes if I don’t follow my routine and protocol for morning movement.

My Morning Routine

I have an amazing routine: I get my mushroom coffee, make our daughter a shake, and head to the front porch for prayer and journaling. I cherish this sacred time of my day. But even during these moments, I struggle to find total peace, as something always seems to be calling my attention away from where I need or want to be. These are the first 30-40 minutes of my day. After that, off to school for her, a walk, and/or exercise for me. Then my work day gets started. 

Contemplative Prayer: A New Focus

Lately, my bible study has focused on Contemplative Prayer, which involves addressing what needs to be addressed in a specific room while visualizing a discussion with Jesus. This practice helps release what holds me back, create a closer relationship with Him, and identify what’s on my mind. Initially awkward, I’ve found this practice transformative, changing my thought processes and bringing new results.

Re-Engage with Your Goals

June should be the month to re-engage with what you wanted your year to be. Reflect on what you promised yourself at the beginning of the year and assess your progress. Revisit and tweak those goals or bring them back into focus. Designing our ideal lives takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Schedule intentional time to do the work—put it on your calendar, join a focused group, hire a coach. Whatever your method, just schedule the time and do it.

Getting Back on Track

Do you find yourself forgetting where you wanted to be and repeating old patterns, wondering why the same outcomes occur? Here are three ways to get started or get back on track to fulfillment:

  1. Understand why you wanted it that way.
  2. Identify what you need to do to shift and make it happen.
  3. Tell yourself you are worth the time and effort and what outcome you will get.

Reflect and Take Action

When you consider these questions, what comes up for you? As we design our ideal lives, engaging takes time and effort. This June, let’s re-engage with our goals and commitments. Reflect on what you promised yourself at the beginning of the year and assess your progress. If needed, tweak those goals or bring them back into focus. Remember, you are worth the time and effort to achieve your desired outcomes. By understanding your motivations, making necessary shifts, and affirming your worth, you can set yourself back on track to fulfillment and break free from the cycle of routine and repetition. You are worth it. Live your life purposefully, not driven by circumstances, and shine your way to your Roadmap to a Thriving experience.

Hi, I am Pam Drzewiecki, Success Navigator. Through coaching, community, products, workshops, speaking, and stories, I’m here to help you thrive. Let’s connect for a virtual coffee.

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