Just Breath and Be Aware


Pam Drzewiecki


Do you find yourself wondering why things happen to you? What is the purpose for this moment in your life that is not exactly as you planned it would be?  Why are you living in the circumstances one right after another?

Even after all these years you can’t believe it just doesn’t seem right. 

Life is busy. Life is messy. Life is overwhelming.

[Did you know that overwhelm is a sign that life is unfolding too fast – while being stressed is the first stages of overwhelm?]

You are not alone. Even though sometimes it may feel like it. 

I am with you. I have been there. That’s the reason why I wanted to share this with you. I speak with many women who say they can’t make all the overwhelm in their lives stop.

First, know that you can make it stop. 

Stop for just a second and breath.

Hug yourself.

Now, go to a mirror and smile. Stay in that moment. 

What do you see? How do you feel right now after doing this? 

You may say, “Pam, that is all well and good, but what do I do when I leave this room and look at what is truly happening daily.”

Is this the life you dreamt of as a child?

We were ultimately brought on earth to fulfill a specific purpose. 

That purpose sometimes gets lost in the noise of everyday life. It can get lost by what draws us away from who we thought we would become. 

When we are kids, we are not afraid. We are dreamers. We are big thinkers. Nothing stands in our way. Circumstances have not clouded our dreams. 

We dress up as superheroes, nurses, teachers, etc., and feel we can conquer the world. We are so sure of what we want. Determined to have our way. 

Do you have a memory of not wanting to stop wearing that superhero costume?

I could remember as a kid, my cousin and I would play school. She was always the teacher. Always. I resented that at times. But now I look back and know I was the student for a reason. She was the teacher for a reason. I was the student because my purpose was to gather knowledge and experiences to help others grow. 

This followed throughout my life. I have always loved to learn. I have always loved to help others thrive. 

If you are uncertain about what you need and desire, spend some time dreaming and creating like when you were a kid. Bring back the crayons and paper and draw your way to happiness. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not; just do it! 

The work I do helps women thrive in their life. Create a sense of purpose and set the direction or develop the roadmap to thriving to make that happen. 

Take time to: 

  1. Be aware of what your mind, body, and spirit need.
  2. Spend time “playing”.
  3. Give space for growth.

You are worth the discovery.

You are important.

You make a difference, and without you, everything and everyone around you would not be the same! 

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