Taking Control in Unprecedented Climate


Pam Drzewiecki


I had the privilege to spend some time with Laura Katen, founder of Katen Consulting, and the author of “The Communication Habit” Check it out; she explains how to identify and break communication habits—even well-intentioned ones— that impede success and much more.

In our conversation, I asked her a few questions about navigating through these unprecedented times and how she has managed. Laura indicated that “as long as everyone was okay – everything was okay.” This shift has become her baseline, her new outlook, for how she perceives and navigates the changes to her personal and business life. Checking in with clients, family, and friends – and merely meeting them where they are now – has become her focus.

I loved speaking with Laura. Being a female founder, like myself, and sharing similar beliefs created an instant connection. She has the willingness to shift towards what’s most important and looks for random acts of kindness or beauty around her to counter/keep her centered in the current climate. These traits are her anchor – part of her fabric – and they truly shine through.

When it comes to her self-care, during this time, planning ahead and scheduling time for herself were important – finding ways to invest in herself by nurturing her body and mind and making sure that she sets daily boundaries around “her time” were her top self-care tips.

What are your top self-care tips? How do you take care of yourself?

My biggest take-a-way from our talk was when Laura said, “If it’s important to you, it’s good enough.” Don’t let other people’s expectations of you or what they think you should be doing or accomplishing dishearten/discourage you and change your mind.

Thank you, Laura, for sharing with me some of your thoughts. Please be sure to check out her book and follow her on LinkedIn.

This is my first spotlight that is part of the Take Back MY Life Spotlight Series about women that have control of their lives and what they do to keep it.

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