12 Habits of Successful Women


Pam Drzewiecki


Have you ever found yourself wondering what success is to you?

Over several years of coaching successful professional women and female founders, there were 12 habits that were common factors. Sometimes all 12 habits were present other times it was just a few, but they can be accomplished to reach the ultimate level of success.

  1. Habit #1: She challenges herself.
  2. Habit #2: She educates herself.
  3. Habit #3: She sets goals and makes plans to achieve them.
  4. Habit #4: She learns from the mistakes she makes.
  5. Habit #5: She is humble.
  6. Habit #6: She has balance.
  7. Habit #7: She makes others feel good.
  8. Habit #8: She takes care of herself.
  9. Habit #9: She celebrates.
  10. Habit #10: She is smart with money.
  11. Habit #11: She knows how to handle stress.
  12. Habit #12: She is aligned with her faith foundation.

Stay tuned for future blogs where we will discuss each habit of a successful woman.

How many habits do you have in your life?

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