5 Ways to Get Control of Debilitating Thoughts


Pam Drzewiecki


Have you ever been unable to sleep because things keep running through your mind? 

I mean won’t shut down. 
Stuff that you would never think of if you were awake!!!

I don’t know if this is a process I developed as I got older. I don’t really remember it bogging me down in my earlier years – even in my 30s.

My life was a bit crazy and overwhelming then, but I think I was so exhausted putting out fires and living in circumstances that when my head hit the pillow, I was out! All my juggling happened in real lifetimes – there was no space for contemplation. No place to think big. Survival was the plan. 

Nowadays, in my 50’s, I have to say my life is pretty sweet! An amazing husband, kids, family, friends, house, parish family, travel, financially sound, business is thriving and giving back to the community and beyond. Living my best life. All because of decisions and life changes we’ve made over the past 15+ years.

The things that keep me up at night are the uncomfortableness I put myself through. 

The stuff I might want more of. Making myself step out and stretch for bigger goals. No circumstances created by others influence –  my choices, decisions, and overall life experiences.

But the other night, I was lying in bed and woke up because of some pain I was having due to a surgery I had (everything worked out ok), and then all of a sudden, the stream of thought came; fear and excitement would not shut off.  

The things that were swirling in my mind were: (how many can you relate to?)

  • I am tired.
  • I don’t feel free.
  • I am afraid.
  • I feel overwhelmed.
  • I need to regroup.
  • I need to be honest with myself and others.
  • I want to feel more grounded.
  • Do I change my path of coaching?
  • I must review the budget with Michael.
  • Why do you do things that add stress?
  • But what does stress mean, Pam?
  • How else can I help my clients?
  • Why do I push myself to be bigger and better?
  • Why can’t I just be satisfied?
  • I need to regroup my offerings.  (I then created a list of new offerings in detail.)
  • I crave financial consistency in the business. 
  • When will enough be enough?
  • Purpose Den Live is freakin’ me out.
  • Maybe I should reschedule for Spring.

I grabbed my journal and started unloading what was in my mind. All of this and more came out within 30 minutes at 2 am. 

I truly needed to have the “crazy” swirl of thoughts stop! 

How I started that to happen. How I put the brakes on. 

First, OMG! Does this happen to you? I’m sure I’m not alone!

Life is filled with decisions we need to make every single day! Some big, some small, but decisions.

Learning how to process them is essential to keeping you “sane.”

These are ways I found that help:

  1. Have a place to jot down everything that is floating in your mind. Create a stream-of-consciousness journal. A place where you can just unload your thoughts. No rhyme or reason. Just dump. 
  1. Don’t make any decisions based on the first dump. Review what you have unloaded, and then have a conversation with yourself and others that might help you streamline your thoughts. 
  1. Find an accountability strategic thinking partner that can do this with you and a supportive community. You can have several depending on the area you are debating. For me, I reviewed my thoughts with Michael, my husband, my editor/keeper in my business, peers, and a spiritual director. In the case of the conference, I spoke with the speakers of the Purpose Den Live and sorted it out!  They were energized by the authenticity and excitement. 
  1. Remember that pushing yourself is good, but finding a balance is also essential. Sometimes, the status quo is OK! It is, but pushing forward is great as well! 
  1. Daily gratitude, prayer, I AM statements, and sitting in silence will help you process your thoughts. When we are “busy” all the time, it gets stuck in there, and then during slow-down times, it pours out. Have a process! Embrace the process! Complete the process!

Why did this happen, because my practice of journaling had stopped due to something that was happening in my life that wasn’t part of my “norm.”

I set a lofty goal, which bubbled up because I wasn’t practicing my 5 steps.

Today, I am feeling more connected. More in control because I came back to what I know works the best.

Share with me what do you find helps you?

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With love and appreciation,

Pam 💜

Powerful Purpose

Life Coach | Strategic Thinking Partner

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