How to identify burnout and 5 ways to release it


Pam Drzewiecki


Being burnt out is characterized by feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion.

This is a common state for women to be in, especially when they are living their life on a hamster wheel and their time is dictated by what they feel they need to do and what others tell them they need to do versus understanding what they need to thrive.

This state is not only experienced by female founders, executives but also in the lives of entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, and any women that are responsible for others. 

In this blog, I will explain ways to identify when you are burnt out and how to release the burnout. 

First, identify burnout. 

Sally owns her own business. The business started off with just her running it. Life was pretty sweet during that time because the kids were in school all day, her mom and dad were self-sufficient and her husband was busy building his career. So the days were hers.  Fast forward to a year ago. Her kids were at home learning, her husband’s office was in the living room, her mom and dad were in assisted living. Now her time was being dictated by others. She loves being a wife, mom, and daughter, that doesn’t have to be said, but how does she change the situation so that she is thriving?

Or you might be Mary…

Mary works for someone else.  She is single so others think she has a lot of free time since she has no family responsibilities. She is not good at setting boundaries around her time. How does she change the situation so that she is thriving?

We can go through many different scenarios and I am sure you will fit in somewhere at some time, if you are not presently feeling burnt out. 

Do you find yourself saying some or all of these?

The overwhelm is paralyzing!

No matter what, I am always tired!

I’m unclear about what to do next!

I’m so busy!

I feel lost!

These are common statements made by women that are living on a hamster wheel of life. 

They are living their day with non-purposeful circumstances directing how the day will unfold, becoming casualties of nonstop living. 

This my friend, is burnout! 

How do you stop it you ask?

Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Do your Roadmap to Sanity©. This will open up what may be missing in your 8 buckets of life. 
  2. Adopt daily practices of “Just for Today” activities. Activities that will support your roadmap. 
  3. Set boundaries of your time and your tasks.
  4. Seek support – create a dream team of people that know your purpose and will be there to keep you on track.
  5. Accept that you don’t have to change your whole life, just add some thriving tasks in.

Changing your whole lifestyle is really not feasible most of the time, but stepping back and taking inventory of the things you can control is. 

The other day I was on a call with an amazing woman that owns her own consulting business which is growing! Her biggest struggle is that she doesn’t feel that she owns her time. I shared with her that she may not be able to do anything right now, but look at a week or two out and set slots for recharge. In the meantime, breathe! There is help on the way. 

When I speak with women that are moving at warp speed they say, “Pam, how can I show up every day doing something for myself when so many people and other things need my attention?” I say “you can’t afford not to.” 

If we don’t put the time aside to understand what we need to thrive and set the habit of doing so,  it gets harder and harder to do so. 

Today I invite you to take a deep breath. 


I invite you to download the Roadmap to Sanity© please click here to do so. Get started on your release of burnout and create a thriving life. 

With much appreciation,

Pam ❤️

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